Poker is a known game, the main tool of this game is the cards. Without cards you cannot play poker, there are basics to apply to succeed in your poker game. Among these bases we find the combination of cards, to make a perfect combination, it is necessary to know the value of each card. In this article we will deal with this subject which represents an essential point for each person wishing to start playing poker.

The hierarchy of card combinations in poker:

Before getting into poker, it is very important to know the hierarchy of the card combinations in this game, in order to be able to get started in this universe. In poker there is a specific ranking for poker card suits, as they are ranked from strongest to weakest. We will see this ranking to better understand:

  • Royal Flush .
  • Fifth Flush.
  • Square .
  • Full House.
  • Color .
  • Brelan .
  • Double Pair .
  • Height .

After seeing the ranking of these combinations of cards according to their power, we will see how many cards are made up of these combinations. As we said at the beginning the combination is one of the bases for a successful game of poker, so it is important to make up your combination well to avoid losing your game. The royal flush is the strongest combination it is made up of several cards of the same suit, the straight flush is made up of 5 cards, square a combination of 4 cards from where it was named square, full house it consists of 3 cards of the same value and two others of the same value, color a composition of 5 cards of the same color but which do not follow each other , three of a kind a combination of 3 cards of the same value, and two other different ones, double pairs a combination of two times 2 cards of the same value, last high the lowest combination it is composed of different cards.

How can we remember the different combinations?

It is difficult to memorize all the combinations of poker cards, even if these are the basis of the game it is complicated to learn all the combinations especially if you are a beginner. Don’t panic, there is a trick that will allow you to have all the combinations in front of you and you could play at ease without fear of losing for lack of knowledge of these combinations. So that you can memorize them, you just have to download a memory aid of the combinations according to the value of the cards, then print it and cut it out.

What to do if we have low value cards?

During a game of poker, the combinations made allow the person to win or lose, but sometimes you can’t rely solely on the value of the cards you have or on the combinations made, you have to be clever is to use other techniques to get by. There are a few techniques you can use to save the bet among these there is folding called the floder in English, so you flounder your opponents on the flop, on the turn, by raising , you can also use the bluff one of the most popular techniques in the world of poker, but you must avoid using the bluff too much.

Is it legal to count cards in poker?

This act is not appreciated by the casinos, but this technique remains legal as long as the counting is done manually, you are probably wondering why the counting is not appreciated by the casinos, you should know that this technique is used by poker players to cheat, but sometimes it is necessary to count to calculate the probability of succeeding your draw to know how to play and what strategy to apply.

How to calculate the probability of a successful draw?

To calculate your chances of success compared to your playing opponents, simply multiply the number of outs by 4 on the flop, and you will have your percentage of success.

Finally, you should know that cards are the major tool for a successful game of poker.

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